"Since I can remember I have wanted to help people. Life coaching has given me the opportunity to combine this personal desire with professional techniques and processes that are incredibly rewarding for both me and my clients."


To help people become conscious of the powers we all possess. We've all heard people say that if we believe in ourselves the sky is the limit. Individuals have proven this to be true over and over again. But how do we get there? How do we overcome the road blocks that stand in our way? Through the knowledge I have gained from my lifetime and my learnings, I will help you apply the processes that will help you identify and change the feelings and thoughts that don't serve you in a positive way. You will learn how to lose your fears and face life with an open and fearless heart, ready for anything.  


I've always yearned for a job that allowed me to help people live more enriched and happier lives. Through Life Coaching I have learnt new skills and techniques. NLP (Neuro Lingual Programming), Matrix Therapies and Time Line Therapies. These are all processes and thought patterns that can be applied to create awakenings of the mind which will lead to life changing shifts. I believe one of my greatest strengths lies in my ability to connect with people. I have always had a curious mind which naturally leads me to ask questions. Questioning our own mind and understanding our thought patterns is how we ultimately learn about ourselves and from there we can really start to make some life changing shifts.  It’s a journey that I have benefitted from enormously and one from which I believe you will too.


As a mother of two in my 40’s, like many others, I have already led a rich and challenging life.  Unlike many others I'm fortunate to have been born an identical twin. I never suffered loneliness in my growing years and I've always had an endless supply of love and friendship in its purest form. But for all the joys and safety this relationship brought it also brought the fear of separation and ultimately the fear of death. Because of this awareness that nothing lasts forever, I have spent a lifetime trying to make the most of every moment. It has taught me that holding onto our fears is never productive and that instead we should create and embrace the life we want.

This philosophy led me to study Horse Husbandry at university - an unusual choice for a city girl who'd barely ridden 10 hours. But it was my passion and desire that got me through the many interesting trials and challenges of the course, which ultimately I loved. Having achieved that I changed track again to study graphic design which eventually led me to London with a pink suitcase and not a penny to my name. There I decided to test myself again throwing my hat in the ring for the position of Web Master at M&C Saatchi in the heart of Soho. To my amazement I got the job which, with very little web experience, scared the pants off me.  But in the end, as with most things in life, it was not as difficult as it seemed especially with a healthy dose of self-belief and always a willingness to learn.

I left advertising to become a mother of 2 boys and raise a family in Brixton, London.  It was here as a mother with no extended family around me I faced my biggest challenge.  Motherhood teaches me more about myself and takes me to places both positive and negative that I constantly learn from. 

In 2010 my family and I moved back to Australia where we lived 6 glorious years in the beautiful city of Sydney. That again was another life challenge, starting life over and finding new friends. I also had more time on my hands with both boys at school which is when I studied Life Coaching at The Life Coaching College located in Melbourne. 

Now in 2016 we decided to move our family back to London. On our journey here we travelled through SE Asia for 5 months with our 2 boys. On a budget of a $100 US for the 4 of us and backpacking through Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Sri Lanka - it managed to bring our family unit closer together and taught us many valuable life lessons. The going wasn't always easy and for the most part it was no holiday but it was an adventure that we will hold dear to us for the rest of our lives. 

My life journey has taught me one thing above all else and that is we all have the power to improve our own lives. The only aspect of our life that we truly have control over is our thoughts. Our thoughts lead to feelings, our feelings to actions and our actions lead to results. I will help you find the cause of thoughts behind any limiting belief or life pattern that doesn't serve you and create the change that you need to achieve your goals.

Client Reviews

I spent an hour with Marni in the relaxing surrounds of her lovely home in Paddington. I asked to talk to Marni about the only genuine source of discord in my life - my relationship with my youngest brother (the youngest of 6 siblings) who is a much loved but frequently exceptionally difficult person.

Marni listened very carefully to the history involved and responded in a truly helpful way. She was perceptive, remarkably insightful and several of her interpretations of behaviour were quite revelatory to me. In a very objective and clear eyed manner, Marni gave me a credible and sympathetic strategy to deal with the problem in a totally non destructive way and I actually felt a burden had lifted from me as I walked home. In fact I felt uplifted.

Marni was thoroughly professional. I sought guidance and she gave it in a way which put me totally at ease. I really do wish her every success in her career as a Life Coach. I could not offer more praise for her skills.
— Mary
Marni has helped me see how I was preventing myself from being successful. She has taught me how to create the self-talk that will help me move forward in areas that I never thought I would be ok with, which has had an adverse effect of lowering my stress levels immensely. My goals are so much clearer, I have vision, I have passion and I have a reason to wake up every morning with a smile on my face. Thank you.
— Tim, Creative Director.
I felt lost after raising children to school age and realised I didn’t want to go back to my old job. I was struggling to try and find what I wanted to do and the courage and faith in myself I needed to take on a new challenge. Marni helped me realise what it was I wanted to do and helped me figure out how I was going to do it. She has also helped me to stay focused and sure of the choices I have made. Juggling children, a home and a marriage along side all of it has also been a challenge. Marni has shown me the correct way to think of my lifes challenges and get the most out of what I would usually struggle with. I find it an invaluable asset to have a life coach, it has helped me in every area of my life.
— Fiona, Mother, Housewife and Gardener.


  • You will remember your goals and dreams or create new ones for what is a life without them?
  • You will learn positive self talk that will create a more positive head space.
  • You will overcome past beliefs that don't serve you in a positive way.
  • You will gain an understanding that life is how it should be and you will create a healthy perspective on all that has past. 
  • You will learn to time manage, for this is the only real commodity in life.
  • Everybody's goals and life needs are different but identifying them is the first step to achieving them.
  • You will improve relationships almost by accident through the process of improving yourself.
  • You will learn to live more in the present moment.