"Life is a maze of good, bad and indifferent. Learning to navigate our own maze can bare many challenges.    Why do we choose to face this challenge without all the knowledge we need? We obtain help and information for lesser things, yet we ignore the most significant. We learn so much, yet we don't learn about our own minds, and the power that lies within each and every one of us. When we come to a dead end and lose direction is when we should ask for help. Life coaching is that help you need."


I NEED A Life change

Sometimes life just gets to the place where you need a change. Maybe you've been raising young children and now you need a new focus, or perhaps you need a new challenge in life or your career? Sometimes it's not about needing to make drastic changes in your life, but rather creating a new perspective around what you already have. Suddenly with just a shift in your thinking everything can become shiny and new. I can help you make that shift and find the courage and motivation you need to make the changes you need to improve your life.



I feel lost

Once upon a time you knew who you were, what you stood for and what mattered to you. Life can pass us by and we can pass ourselves by. We have never been taught to clear out our minds, what we should hang onto and what we should let go.

Firstly you need to discover and recognise the areas of your life you should embrace and uncover those which you should perhaps release into the wind.  Through a journey of process, self discovery and evaluation I can help you find yourself again.



I FEEL ALONE and misunderstood

Quite often life leads us to a dead end. We can feel lost and alone.  The truth of the matter is we are never alone. We reach this point by choosing to go at it alone whilst not being fully aware of the choices we are making and the messages we are sending out to those who matter to us.  "My husband and children don't understand me anymore"… "My friends don't agree with who I'm becoming..", "Nobody gets me anymore"…. This all comes from you, nobody else. The way you perceive the world is what you receive. I can help you shift your perception and you will no longer feel alone or misunderstood.