Your first session is free - no cost and no obligation

One 40 minute session - no cost and no obligation.

All sessions thereafter run for one hour. If you think I can help you, you can either come on an individual session basis, or choose from a package below.

hourly rate


best you can be  

6 sessions.

Cost = £500

what is it

If you're feeling stuck and life is getting to you. Life and your relationships aren't in balance and you feel like you're not receiving as much as you're giving. You know you can be happier with what you have but you don't know how.

I'll help you:  

  • Identify negative mind sets

  • Discover new ways of thinking about repeating problems

  • Creating a shift in perspective

  • Become more motivated about life

  • Improve your relationships

self esteem booster

 5 sessions 

Cost = £450


Life is hardest when we don't believe in ourselves and we fill our minds with self-doubt.

  • Throw away your negative self beliefs

  • Embrace the reality of your greatness

  • Create a positive self talk that will motivate and nurture you

  • Learn to truly believe in the powers that reside within you


4 sessions

Cost = £350


If something is troubling you and it has been for a long time and you would like it to be the focus of your sessions than this is the package for you.

  • Gain a new perspective

  • Create organisation around the problem

  • Learn to break the cycle that keeps bringing you back to the same issue.