I consider myself to be a considerate and good driver. Having lived and driven in London for 10 years at the very least turns you into one. If people drove in London like they do in Sydney it would be constant grid lock.

This morning because of inclement weather I drove my boys to school. Twice I got beeped at in the space of two three minute drives, for no reason apart from the fact that whomever honked was in a massive rush. Not only were they speeding but they were driving aggressively which is never a good way to be and most definitely never a good way to drive. In both cases the honker was in the wrong and if I had a chance to catch them up I'm certain I would have seen a bit of blush in their cheek.

In Sydney the road signs are a little unclear. There are plenty of no right turn arrows that are easy to see and then underneath them it states, for vehicles over 6 meters etc. This clearly doesn't apply to cars and it being the only access I have by car to my corner of the world at that time of day doesn't leave me much choice. This person kept their hand on the horn the whole time myself and another car were waiting to turn. I seriously wanted to get out of my car and (shove their car horn up their ass)…ok…I need to work on that….I wanted to nicely point out that we were able to turn right and just to go around.

I often wonder what that persons life must look like. How they have so much aggression inside to have to release it in such a way. Whatever happened to good will and kind gestures? Why is everyone always in such a rush these days? I think it's time for us to all take a deep breath, get our hands of our horns and rather than feel aggressive, let people in when there's a jam and maybe even give them a little smile. After all we're all just trying to get somewhere. If that fails let's all pretend that we're all going through some massive crisis, which seems to be the only time humanity reaches out and looks like they care for each other.